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What's The Importance of Digital Marketing?

Our team briefly breaks down by Digital Marketing is important.

Diving Into The Digital Age

We understand that the digital age is becoming more normalized with the younger generation. Therefore, it is an essential and natural step for marketing departments to change and evolve into the digital world. Marketing programs will all have valuable content drivers with fixed and variable expenses to maintain customer engagement & longevity. Businesses familiar with digital marketing tactics can conduct strategies and analyze their effectiveness, allowing them to pivot quickly and save costs in return for better customer engagement.

With the natural evolution in marketing, we see businesses start using NFTs as a new cost-effective marketing tool to drive customer engagement at Versify. Teams can leverage public blockchain infrastructure to move and confirm digital collectibles that can represent tokenized experiences or assets that their brands can only offer.

A recent solution our team has seen is a firm putting QR codes on their digital advertisements for customers to collect while they wait for their favorite video segments. Customers who collect all the NFTs will have the chance to win a prize or experience at the end of the marketing campaign. Aside from this plan, we have seen several examples in a similar fashion where brands revolutionize the marketing experience with the value of transferring digital ownership.

Transferring digital ownership on the blockchain is cost-effective as firms would not need to create new developer applications to house this information during these campaigns. In addition, marketing departments could reliably confirm various operational methods on digital ownership through public blockchain websites like a blockchain explorer to reward the appropriate users. Providing customers with digital ownership helps bridge the gap as the consumer can gain a collectible during the marketing experience. We believe this strategy will be viable for businesses as more look to give their consumers a digital adventure.

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Troy Smith

Founder & CEO

Founded Versify Labs after speaking with many businesses about skyrocketing customer acquisition costs and the difficulties associated with implementing customer loyalty programs.