Get a complete view of customers

Unify real-time customer data activity across every platform and channel to understand the customer journey and personalize experiences at scale.

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Cutting-edge audience management features

Segment customers to understand them better. Find new ways to market to them when you use Versify's customer data platform.

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Organize your segments

Create your own segments and tags to filter audience data however you need. Initiate campaigns directly to customers who match these filters.

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Send personalized rewards to your customers. No more sending generic messages to everyone.

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Connect your audience

Import your existing customers via our apps and integrations. Connect any popular CRM solutions, including HubSpot and Mailchimp.

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Synced with your stack

We make it easy to integrate customer data to and from your entire tech stack, so your team can always access a customer's most recent activity.

Our customers

Find out how our customers are using blockchain-backed coupons to grow their business