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Nikes Steps into the Digital

We wanted to share some big news in the space about how Nike is looking to create digital collectibles for their shoe drops!

In exciting news, Nike is looking to launch its new Web3 shopping platform. Nike has been making several impressive moves to step into the web3 world. Our team has been speculating that they are aiming at putting sneaker drops into the future century through a digital storefront. Nike aims to focus on the paint points around digital collectibles (NFTs).

We at Versify have the same focus as them! At Versify, we let the customers choose whether they wish custody within our Versify wallet or in their private wallet. In addition, our platform helps promote healthy communities by rewarding them for their loyalty by helping you put your program on it. Whether you are in Web2, Web3, or in between, our platform and team are here to help you build. Our platform allows Web2 business to start their loyalty program from scratch, as all we need is the customer's email, and we can take care of the rest.

How, might you ask? Let me explain!

Let's say you are a coffee shop, and we would like to reward your loyal customers! You have a customer who comes to your store daily and takes a coffee product to work. Some days, it is just a plain coffee, or she might get a macchiato. As the store owner, you think of this idea.

Let me offer her a subscription to coffee in the shop. She comes in every day and orders roughly the same basket of products. As a business, we take the basket of products she commonly has and conducts a price analysis on what the subscription should be. Now many organizations that we converse with have to work on some internal measure, so it makes sense. Although, feel free to reward your customers how you feel!

Once the model is priced, and stipulations are in place. You can make your pitch to your customers and have them download a collectible to start earning their savings! Don't be afraid to make adjustments after having this conversation. Making loyalty plans require constant readjustments as what the customer values changes!

Troy Smith

Founder & CEO

Founded Versify Labs after speaking with many businesses about skyrocketing customer acquisition costs and the difficulties associated with implementing customer loyalty programs.