Set loyalty on autopilot

Create campaigns and workflows to automatically engage and reward customers based on their activity that supports your business. They stay running till you stop them.

If you build it, they will come

Build customer loyalty by rewarding customers for their purchases, behavior, or social media activity. Visualize your campaigns as you build them.

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Behavioral earnings

Encourage customers to perform actions such as referring new customers, subscribing to your newsletter, making repeat purchases, and much more.

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Transactional earnings

Define how many points can be earned based on transaction attributes, such as shopping in person or via your online store. Combine rules with time, segment, location, and more.

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Easy orchestration

Map out a cohesive customer journey of related activity just like you would on a whiteboard. Manage point earnings manually or automatically.

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Template center

Build awarding campaigns with intuitive drag-and-drop mechanics out of the box templates.

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