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Introducing: Journeys

Get ready to kick your loyalty program up a notch! Journeys is here, and it's designed with your business in mind.


Get ready to take your loyalty campaigns up a notch! Our new Journeys feature is here, and it's designed with your business in mind. Get creative by rewarding customers for supporting your business - give them digital collectibles that can be redeemed for amazing rewards. Dive into our new feature today and watch as customer engagement skyrockets!

What is Journeys?

Journeys is an innovative way to build customer loyalty and show appreciation for your customers' support! Create automated workflows with emails, in-app messages - even digital rewards like collectibles. Your business will be able to provide exciting benefits when people make a purchase or refer their friends – making every interaction more engaging and rewarding.

How Does it Work?

The first step to using Journeys is setting up the campaign workflow. This involves defining the criteria for when the workflow should begin, creating goals for when the customer should receive a reward, and deciding which rewards will be given out during the course of the journey. Once these details are established, you can launch the campaign by sending out an email or in-app message to customers who meet the criteria you set forth. As they progress through the journey, they will be rewarded with digital collectibles that show their commitment to supporting your business.

Benefits of Using Journeys

Using Journeys has multiple benefits for businesses of all sizes. It increases customer engagement by providing a fun way for them to interact with your brand while giving them something tangible - digital collectibles - in exchange for their loyalty and support of your business. It also helps improve customer retention rates by rewarding those who stay engaged with your business over time, allowing you to build relationships with existing customers while also gaining new ones through referrals from satisfied users. Finally, it gives businesses valuable insight into customer behavior so they can adjust their campaigns accordingly and maximize ROI from each marketing effort.  


CMOs - don't wait to start your journey! Our tool is easy as can be and provides invaluable insight into customer behavior, enabling you to make the most out of every marketing effort. Leverage rewards & incentives for a unique opportunity that allows you create deeper relationships with customers – maximizing ROI in the process. Let's get going on this adventure together today!

Troy Smith

Founder & CEO

Founded Versify Labs after speaking with many businesses about skyrocketing customer acquisition costs and the difficulties associated with implementing customer loyalty programs.