The rewards platform built to revolutionize your loyalty program

Harness the power of AI and blockchain to create personalized and engaging rewards experiences for your customers.

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Extend your customer lifetime value

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Create your own company-branded reward points and distribute them to customers who earn them.

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Build customer loyalty by rewarding customers for their purchases, behavior, or social media interactions.

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Introduce a customized portal that matches your brand. Offer discounts, access to exclusive events, and more.

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Keep track of customer activity across all channels. Integrate data from external sources, both online and offline.

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Monitor every asset transfer in your loyalty program, including earning points and redeeming rewards.

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Connect your existing CRM, marketing automation, business intelligence, and analytics tools.

Retain more customers and increase your sales

All-in-one loyalty platform

Versify provides a set of flexible building blocks for creating personalized loyalty programs.


Set your campaigns on autopilot

Create campaigns and workflows to automatically engage and reward customers based on their activity that supports your business. They stay running till you stop them.

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Easy orchestration
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Automated and flexible
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Integrated with your existing tools

Embed a rewards wallet in your website

Build a fully customized rewards wallet for your customers to view and manage their rewards. Use our theme editor to make your wallet match the look and feel of your brand before embedding it on your website.

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Custom branding
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Targeted engagement
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Synced with your stack
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Analyze unique customer insights

Continually optimize your loyalty program with advanced customer insights. See real-time statistics, referral, and retention analytics within our dashboard.

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Audience segments
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Automated and flexible
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Connect to your favorite CRM