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Versify For Fantasy Sports Leagues

Learn how to reward your fantasy league teams today with Versify!

Start of Fantasy Sports

As summer simmers, we feel the cool brisk of fall and fantasy football season. An exciting time as we see groups of friends, family, and colleagues start their first fantasy draft to engage in a season of fun. Often discussing rewards or punishments, but most importantly, the trophy. A trophy can symbolize all the get-togethers, endless conversations, late-night miracles, bragging rights, trades, and a growing passion for the sport. In addition, it creates a sense of pride in your journey with your community.

Although, creating, maintaining, and sending a trophy can often be cumbersome and expensive for the Commissioner of your league. In addition, the award is often taking time and space until there is a winner. However, as we embark more into the digital age, we think trophies will be an excellent digital collectible. Below, we will show you how to create one. The process reduces the friction and weight of paying, waiting, and sending a trophy.

NFT: Best Performing Team of Week 1

Let's put out a scenario; as Commissioner of the League, I would like to give this digital collectible below to the best-performing fantasy team. Let's walk through it.

Let's start with your dashboard

Create Your Product

  • Name: Best Performing Team in Week 1
  • Description: Versify Labs is the Best Performing Team in Week 1

Create your Contacts

  • Add your winner's email, first name & last name

Airdrop the NFT

  • Name your Airdrop: League of Non-Fungible Humans
  • Select your Product: Best Performing Team in Week 1


Once you have created your draft, please review it before sending it to your designated team. Versify handles the technical nature of creating, connecting, and sending the digital collectible, allowing fantasy leagues to be more creative. For example, instead of Best Performing, you could opt to give a trophy to the Biggest Underdog. Let us handle the technical aspect so you can create and connect with your league more.

Thank you for taking the time! Versify will gladly support you in creating this endeavor. Our team is always willing to communicate through our channels with whatever you need! Please tell us If you believe something is missing from our support site!

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