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The NFT Hunt Begins at Universal

Learn how to create your own scavenger hunt today!

On the Hunt for Digital Collectibles

Universal Parks & Resorts revealed a collection of NFTs scattered throughout Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort. A chance for millions of people to make their step into Web3.

Participants would scan QR codes which would reveal a unique character art NFT associated with the upcoming Halloween Horror Nights program. If an attendee collected all the NFTs, it would display a special gold medal NFT. A valuable digital collectible for the user but also for the business as well.

Users that attain this gold medal will give a new data point to the business about their super users. As a business, we take every opportunity to gather more data to understand and better our customer's experience. Universal will be able to understand more about their passionate fans as they engage in a scavenger hunt.

Versify is excited about Universal's approach to engage the customer with NFTs through a scavenger hunt. However, many people may think it is a costly & timely endeavor. Our team at Versify has provided an example below on how it could be done using our platform.

Black buttons will lead your right to the section if you are at all confused! If you need more help, please contact

Looking for Milkshake NFTs in a Scavenger Hunt

Let's put out a simple scenario; I am the owner of an ice cream business, and I would like to promote and engage my new line of milkshakes. I will be creating and scattering 3 NFTs around my location. Each NFT will have its associated QR code that a user will be able to mint right to their phone.

If a customers get at least one NFT and verifies with the ice cream shop on the day of the scavenger hunt, they will receive a free milkshake.

The first customer to present all three NFTs to the ice cream business will receive a Golden Milkshake NFT, representing a free milkshake every week for a lifetime.

Log into Versify Labs

Select Create Product

Name: Ice Cream Business Scavenger Hunt

Description: Hurry! Gather all the NFTs so you can receive a free milkshake every week for a lifetime!

Button: Revise & Create Product

Select Mint Link on the Navigation Bar

Select + New

Input your NFT into your Mint Link

Select your Product: Ice Cream Business Scavenger Hunt

Set Total Supply: 100

Advanced Options: Unchecked

Button: Create!

Download and Scatter your QR Code in Different Locations

QR code will be downloaded to your computer.

Print and place at approved location.

Process is repeated three more times

Customer's Perspective Minting an NFT

Now that we have your NFTs in place. It is time to see what happens when someone mints from the QR code!

In this example, we see the user has already been connected to Versify before.

If it is the first time for the potential user, the screen will look like this, instructing you to connect your wallet to your email account. If you have a google account, it will be a quick connection. If not, it will instruct you to connect via your inbox.

First Time Wallet User

If it is the user's first time downloading a wallet, please click the button below to learn about setting up your wallet.

Download Metamask & Add Polygon Network

Now that we understand how the customer mints the NFT. Let's look at it from the business's point of view. With Versify, you can see who received your NFT at which location! Go to Mint Links and click on the link you want to investigate.

Click on results and customer information should appear

Now, you can monitor the scavenger hunt while attending your ice cream business. Having this information can be extremely helpful in following up with the event. In addition, you have the choice to conduct further customer engagement in the future. Please understand that this piece is meant to be educational and displaying QR codes in certain places will have guidelines. Conduct ample research and follow your localities procedures. Thank you for staying with us during this time! I understand this was a longer article, but I hope this helps you understand the experience of the scavenger hunt to set one up on your own!

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Troy Smith

Founder & CEO

Founded Versify Labs after speaking with many businesses about skyrocketing customer acquisition costs and the difficulties associated with implementing customer loyalty programs.