Reward customers whenever events happen in your Mailchimp account.


What does the Mailchimp app do?

By connecting your Mailchimp account to your Versify account, you can set new triggers in your loyalty campaigns so that when events happen in your Mailchimp store, you reward your customers with digital collectibles or points.

Set Mailchimp campaign triggers

You can choose from the following event types to trigger your campaigns:

  • Award all new subscribers with a membership collectible

Keep your data up to date

Keep Mailchimp up-to-date and view important Mailchimp data on customers right from the Versify dashboard. The app enables you to:

  • Ensure Mailchimp stays up-to-date by automatically syncing new customers you capture along with data you collect
  • Get a complete picture of every customer's journey by automatically logging events that happen in Versify in their activity timeline in Mailchimp
  • Keep everything you need to know about a lead at your fingertips by viewing Versify data like email, company, stage, and lead owner right from the Versify dashboard

Setup your integration

To connect your Mailchimp account, go to the App Center in the Versify dashboard.