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Why does Versify use digital assets for customer loyalty?

Level up your customer engagement onto the blockchain with Versify.

Building on Blockchain as a Business Practice

We are drawing from our staff's experience in the Web3 industry. We work with brands that create unique consumer experiences, gather community insights, and drive brand loyalty with digital collectibles. As a result, companies can make and distribute NFTs as identifiable vehicles for customer engagement. Our platform can create a new avenue on the experiential and personalization side of customer engagement.

Reduce Technical Friction

Our product can give the ability for the marketing team to unlock exclusive early releases of products or experiences that are curated specifically for those owners digitally. We have worked with brands that use NFTs to launch exclusive physical and digital experiences and use the blockchain as the foundation of business practice. NFTs represent an opportunity to provide something evolutionary and digitally unique in the digital age. Our brands can reduce the technical friction for their team with our services. Our platform allows them easily create and distribute a customer engagement campaign. They leverage latest technologies to develop direct consumer relationships, capture first-party data, and deliver on the promise of consumer loyalty.

Increase in Community Lifetime Value

The onset of digital collectibles came from an essential notion of community. Owning a digital collectible allows you access to the communal benefits of events and meeting fellow brand lovers. We work with communities that create meet-ups with businesses and their loyal customers to discuss feedback on their products. This is an essential point to close this feedback locally, and our companies have found great utility in community meet-ups.

The ability to exchange customer loyalty points with another is valuable to the customer experience. Most loyalty programs do not allow customers to transfer their points to another. Although, what if you cannot use your points? Let's say you are moving to another place that does not have the brand you have worked with for a long time. Rewards on the blockchain allow customers to exchange their rewards with another brand lover before leaving town. Not only will brand lovers be able to exchange their points, but our businesses can generate a new source of income as we can introduce royalties based on exchange.

Operational Benefits of Digital Ownership

The benefit of conducting your business on the blockchain as it allows teams to construct operational policies because of the digital differentiation. For example, Operations, Compliance, and Customer Success Teams can digitally differentiate ownership in disputes. In addition, processes at the top cryptocurrency brands rely on the public blockchain to address their issues in legal proceedings. The best part is that it is a public utility; all the information is available to everyone with a browser. Additionally, when the technical barrier is removed, it allows for more time to personalize the message.

Rewards Distribution Simplified

Distributing a digital collectible reduces the friction of past methods by efficiently transferring unique ownership for discounts on future products or services. In the future, we will see an influx of companies using NFTs in exchange for a consumer’s insights on any test and friction areas, including pain points, marketing claims, flavors and scents, promotions, and price.

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Our team knows that offering a loyalty program is a great way to keep your customers in repeatable business. Versify’s platform helps all businesses create and manage customer loyalty services. We invite you to get started with a free trial today!

Troy Smith

Founder & CEO

Founded Versify Labs after speaking with many businesses about skyrocketing customer acquisition costs and the difficulties associated with implementing customer loyalty programs.