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Starbucks Odyssey Program

Understand how we see the net benefits of the starbucks odyssey program!

Starbucks Odyssey Program

Starbucks has been interested in the space for a long time. Believe the new experience would build on Starbucks' Current Rewards Model. We offer the most loyal customers to earn a broader set of rewards while also making the communal aspect. Starbucks has chosen to make NFTs the passes that allow access to this digital community while keeping the experience friendly to non-technical consumers. Like Versify, they removed the technical friction points to provide a seamless digital ownership experience.

The Starbucks Experience begins with something called "Journeys." Customers can take on challenges to deepen their knowledge of the Starbucks brand. Examples like "try three things on the espresso menu" to earn this digital collectible. As the journey ends, members make collectibles through "Journey Stamps" (NFTs), which will include a point value based on rarity. The artwork on the NFTs is being co-created by Starbucks and outside artists. A portion of the proceeds from selling the limited-edition collectibles will be donated to support causes chosen by Starbucks employees and customers.

Additionally, limited edition NFTs will be available to purchase within the program. Starbucks & Versify use Polygon as their choice of blockchain. Landing on "proof-of-stake" blockchain technology built by Polygon for this effort because it uses less energy than first-generation "proof-of-work" blockchains. The Odyssey Program is looking to award its customer base for its loyalty and offering experiences like virtual espresso martini-making classes, access to unique merchandise, artist collaborations, or trips, deeply integrating their current loyalty program with something evolutionary. Versify loves the direction that Starbucks is taking as we strive to make same evolutionary decision they have fostered over their business.

Versify & Customer Loyalty Programs

NFTs will continue to pour into the loyalty programs as more are born into the digital age.  The non-fungible tokens have been the center of the universe for the brandings space as many are making significant investments to revolutionize their customer loyalty programs. The value of digital collectibles, or NFTs, has grown significantly since 2012.

Coca-Cola, Adidas, Nike, and more have noticed. Versify sees use cases like proof of membership, accomplishments, and brand control taking shape. Brands providing digital ownership will unite to unlock value for holders across markets as they evolve. As a result, they are generating new revenue streams and replacing old ones. Versify understands the importance of NFTs, which is why we strive to simplify the process.

We Reduce the Friction

Versify enjoys removing the friction of deploying a digital collection to help engage with its customers long-term. Recently, we have seen Starbucks initiate its Odyssey Program to promote brand longevity. It allows its customers to earn and purchase digital assets that unlock exclusive experiences and rewards. Large brands have the resources to hire developers to conduct a bespoke fit for their brand. Here at Versify, we streamline the process.

  • Unique: Fundamentally unique due to their non-fungible characteristics. Our out platform handles all the backend work of coding your NFT. Create a Product within your account by uploading and describing your NFT. We will take care of it on the blockchain.
  • Cost-effective: It can be expensive to start and understand how to create and spread your collection. Our platform offers you to design and distribute 25 NFTs to your friends, family, or colleagues, so you are familiar with the process. From there, we allocate your digital collectible in a URL Link, where you have the choice of the digital medium to distribute your collection!

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Our team knows that offering a loyalty program is a great way to keep your customers into repeatable business. Versify’s platform helps all businesses create and manage customer loyalty services. We invite you to get started with a free trial today!

Troy Smith

Founder & CEO

Founded Versify Labs after speaking with many businesses about skyrocketing customer acquisition costs and the difficulties associated with implementing customer loyalty programs.